The New York Metropolitan Talent Market

Difficult to Source Quality Talent

Challenging to Retain Top Performers

Sky High Labor & Overhead Costs

Meet Growgent

Rather than hiring a local employee, you retain us at a lower overall cost. We hire and manage US-based remote professionals that meet your specifications. You provide initial training and we manage the agent(s). No worrying about workspace, benefits, taxes, equipment, supervisory staff, etc. - significantly reducing your workforce overhead.


Founded by lifetime sales and management professionals Josh Koegel and Joe Koegel, who have spent years managing remote employees with much success. Realizing that agents produce similar results while reducing the overall employment costs they knew they were on to something.

Growgent offers roles that work well in a remote arrangement while including an expert management team all for about the same cost of the base salary of a full time, in house employee.

We handle it all. We will recruit, interview, hire, on-board, employ, train, manage and provide workspace for the agent(s) just as you would.

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