Our Process

Recruiting, hiring and managing the right talent, along with the associated costs, are the biggest challenges for any company.

Professional - Collaborative - Agile - Efficient

We have developed efficient procedures to ensure a smooth on-boarding process and a productive ongoing relationship. We are completely flexible by design and can adjust many aspects of our hiring and managing process to meet your business and financial needs. Upon retaining us, a typical employee assignment would include:



We will analyze your business and its needs to come up with a complete and efficient solution.


Hiring and On-boarding

We take care of all the compliance, logistics and costs involved with hiring. We also provide professional workspace for our staff.


Direct Access

You will have a direct line of contact our team during business hours.



We recruit on an ongoing basis and we have developed a proprietary process to identify quality candidates. We will source and recruit professionals that meets your expectations.



We receive basic cultural and industry training from you, enabling us to handle the management duties and pass that training on to new and future agents.


Continued Learning

We will be proactive in our approach to continue learning your business.


Background Check

We will run a basic background and reference check during the hiring process. 



All communications between you and and us as well as our staff and your prospects and clients will be monitored, reported on and archived.


Ongoing Management

We will manage and report on the performance and motivation of our staff assigned to your account. We will check in with you consistently to ensure client satisfaction and improve on a possible issues. In addition, we handle all Human Resource functions. 

At Growgent, our goal is to save you resources, time and money through the hands on approach we take in the success of every candidate, staff member and client. We do this through the utilization of our unique hiring philosophy combined with an effective management style.

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